WHY are we Different

All Team Players, Joint Ventures, Speakers, Talent, are interviewed in a way where we can  See, Feel, Hear, and Communicate to find out if are willing to Co-Create with us and who and what they are all about...

Tells us:  Can they follow instructions, submission guidelines, how timely they are, how long did it take them to respond, how detailed oriented they are, what type of writers they are and a bit about their personality.

Tells us: if they are can listen, or are they doing all of the talking, are they nervous, easy going, confident, sellers, closers, slow, fast etc...and a bit  more about their personality.

***In Person:
Tells us: Body language, grooming, authenticity, consideration, timely, where they early, on time, or late, and if they were running late- did they contact us via phone to give us a heads up etc... Are they visual, audio, audio digital or kinesthetic... and more...

We have high standards for our Clients.  We look for people that are:

***Heart-Centered, LOVE what they do.. Dream Big
***Authentic, Organized, Creative, TEAM players, willing to Co-Create with us
***Get that CUSTOMER SERVICE and giving MASSIVE VALUE are King
***They like to Learn, Play and Grow each and every day and give 100% at all times
***They welcome feedback and don't take it personally and realize it is what it is and can choose to learn and grow from it or not
***They walk their talk whether they are working, on stage, or home.   
***They actively listen 
***Can proactively problem solve without constant hand holding and supervision.

Contact: TransformationsProductions@gmail.com
Phone: 406-646-6477

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