Thursday, August 30, 2012


The Amazing Raspin Stuwart... 
with Bo Astrup on Bass, and Chris Volak on Acoustic guitar
Rocked the house last night at:

The Coffee Gallery Backstage
Fun night with lots of amazing friends.

Raspin truly engages the audience with Witty remarks and fun banter and when in song completely in his own element and character as he goes into this space of Raspin Land... A beautiful blend of a bit of blues and rock and Raspin's raspy vocals that he hits just in the right places. Great songs with awesome lyrics a term I like to use called "Music with a Voice, Your Lyrics Impact the World" and I can honestly say all of his lyrics do that, every word means something.

Here is clip from my Iphone until we get the footage from the full night's venue. Enjoy

Bo Astrup

Chris Volak

You can view more of Raspin on our
Artistry in Motion Channel

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