MUSIC with a VOICE, Your Lyrics IMPACT the WORLD



We are actively Producing and Creating the following PROJECT as we speak if you know any amazing musicians any age, that have powerful lyrics and great music and or want to get involved- help, Co-Create, Collaborate, market, Direct or Co-Produce etc...  We are all about Teamwork.  See more details below.

-The Journey of Creating Music: The process from concept to lyrics written to
recording to performing to selling.

-To reach out to our schools and show why music programs are so important:
Stimulates Creativity, Emotions, Self-expression, discipline, children are learning math and science as well while they are learning music.

-To teach that the LYRICS you write and sing impact the world as all of music and your voice is a Message, a Statement and a Vibration.

-To show our youth of today that real instruments and their voice are powerful tools and that their is more than techno and computer generated music. 

-How Social Media and thru Sharing and true collaboration, all musicians can make an abundant living if more albums were Co-created together with multi-artists on them.

-Show that their is a market for music with a voice-message and musicians.

-Create a Live Concert with amazing conscious musicians that have written songs with powerful lyrics and great music.

-Produce a multi artist CD

-Interview many awesome conscious artists around the world that NOT only have great music, great Lyrics that they also Live for music to help change the world.

*We will be following 6 selected artists from Concept, to writing their song, composing their song to Recording their Song to Marketing and Selling.

*We will be traveling all over and interviewing Children and Adults Musicians about: 
*What does Music means to them ?
*What their views are about how Lyrics impact the world  ?
*Do their believe Music is Healing and Vibration ?

*We are actively seeking out those artists and talent as we speak and traveling around meeting, interviewing and getting Live footage.

We also have the Multi-Media platform network, that is HD Streaming 247 with Pay Per View, shopping carts and many other features to air conscious music.  Full marketing begins End of September, so if you want to be a part of the Artistry in Motion Channel in development:

Please contact Carly Alyssa Thorne or Donna LeClair at:
in subject heading please put:

THESE ARTISTS ARE ON BOARD AS WE SPEAK as part of the documentary, We haven't selected the 6 artists to follow yet.

Lots of Photos on the photostream on Home Page and a photo album
is being created for this project alone as well.

Skyler Jett

Shawn Gallaway

Shaun Canon

Michael Perricone

Jahna Perricone

Vito David Vito Gregoli

Raspin Stuwart

Jack Miller

Debra Gottschalk-Delahunty  

Ernesto Vega

Christo Pellani

Christine Stevens

Phone: 406-646-6477

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