Contest: Seeking footage of Your Child Laughing ages Newborn on up, Clips chosen will be Featured in our Video which is going to be Children in pure joy dancing, laughing with Music. Featured clips, If You are in the LA Area we will do a photo shoot and a mini interview. 

This is just a fun clip I am doing for all parents everywhere... There is nothing more precious that hearing children belly laughing in just 
pure bliss, Love and joy... We will be airing it on You Tube, and our GloVueTV and Uvidy platforms both are Internet Streaming 247- 365 platforms.  

Channels just global marketing at the end of September.

For info on others productions and documentaries see the various pages on this site.

Please give us: 
*Your Name
*Your child's name
*Best Contact phone number
*Best times to call
*Your child's age, M/F  
*A picture of you child
*Anything else you think we would LOVE to know...

In Subject Heading Please put: Children Laughing Video

Media Format: Actual Movie Clip, NOT a You Tube unless we can have access to downloading the clip for edit purposes.

YOU: Get Credit, have lots of Fun, a Copy of finished project, and get to in essence Pay it Forward to many by sharing the gift of Laughter and creating a massive RIPPLE Effect of Love and Joy...

We are also doing a "Paying it Forward - The Ripple Effect" Documentary and some of these clips might also get featured in there.

Me-Carly Alyssa Thorne and Jahna Perricone In full laughter on Set while filming me interviewing her, Michael Perricone, and "Vito" David Vito Gregoli.

Full out Belly Laughter is amazing and healing on all levels... Let's Do it...

Phone: 406-646-6477

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