Carly Alyssa Thorne and her TEAM Consult, Produce and Direct: Photos shoots, documentaries, music videos, Indies, TV Shows, Speak and other Events.

Team consists of : Graphic Artists, photographers, composers, musicians, PA's, Sound Engineers, Grips, Producers and Directors.

All experienced in all facets of productions and logistics from: sets, events, Photo shoots, Green rooms, Casting calls, Auditions +++

You can view our WHO Page to see some of the people we use.  We also joint venture with other like minded individuals in the same field so that we can use each others resources to give you the best Dream Machine Possible.   Together as a Team we can build, do and achieve anything.  Networking is a powerful tool that enables us to give you the best possible outcome.

Carly brings on TEAM that:
*Understand the meaning of Co-Creating, Teamwork
*Are Creative, Visionaries and Problem solvers
*Are Go getters with Passion
*Pay attention to detail, extremely organized
*Can listen and follow directions
*They understand what excellent customer service means and giving Massive Value
*They take care of themselves, eat healthy and therefore can handle the high energy demands of production, thus they are Passionate, Alert and Focused.

Imagine an Event, Photo Shoot, Set, Location, filming, Production where every little detail has been thought through a process that involves: 
***Time and Organization Management
***Platforms and Presentations
***NLP - Neurolinguistics
***Feng Shui
***Nature and more.... 

A Production that is the Journey of the Multi-Sensory experience that reaches all audiences: Visual, Auditory, Kinesthetic, and Audio Digital

Having Actors/Actresses, Speakers that have been trained in the above and can truly be authentic and enveloped in a character, that is actually truly a part of them or even all of them.   They can improv on the fly, can run with any curve ball thrown their way, scripted or unscripted.

For Speakers Events and Conventions: A multi-sensory, multi-media Platform and Presentation that will keep your audience awake, alert, grounded, fully engaged and able to process and retain the information being given.

The placement of the Jumbo screen, to the seating being a certain way to contain the energy for the speaker and the audience, to why we use fresh plants and flowers, and why and where to put the water stations etc...  

Alive, whole, non processed foods to keep the audience, crew, speakers everyone's energy at a nice even level all day.

To Registration and badges done in a way to create a Social Networking environment while saving on time and trees.

To why we only use certain colors pens and markers on stage or for badges and Much Much More...

Carly has for the past 25 years massively studied, trained, and applied Eastern and Western Philosophies, Psychology, NLP, Hypno, Feng Shui, Color therapy, Multi-Sensory, Multi-Media, Platforms and Presentations, Stage presence, Acting and Energy Modalities.  She has also had first hands experience in front and behind the camera since 6th grade: acting, singing, dancing, coordinating, producing, and directing, it has always been a part of her live in some shape or form.

All of this skill and talent has been passed on to her TEAM...  All of this goes into Your PRODUCTION...

For Carly's Credentials, Experience and IMBD 



Please leave a detailed message with:
Why you are calling, Your Name, Phone number- Please repeat # Twice...

If you are calling:
Speak Slowly and Clearly as all calls are transcribed.  Someone will get back to you within 48 hrs.

Phone: 406-646-6477 

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