Friday, December 14, 2012

Paying it Forward - The Ripple Effect Organic T-Shirts

We will be donating 15% of all Paying It Forward The Ripple Effect T-Shirts to Sandy Victims... we also have really cool Web based Trackable Paying It Forward Wrist bands for people to hand out and watch their ripple effect.

 PIF Trackable Bracelets:
Web Based Tracking, You register the bracelet on-line
and You can track where the bracelet goes as it gets passed along...
Be a Part of the Ripple Effect...

What are You Coloring Your World WIth ?

It is Sooo Important to Color Your World 
with Beautiful, Positive, Colorful, People, Places, Things,
Foods, and Environment...

Fill Your World with Colorful Sounds, Color, Nature, Smiles,

You will feel such a difference...
Enjoy the Journey
Carly Alyssa Thorne

Life Can be like A Box of Crayons...

Life Can be like A Box of Crayons...

I had a Dream last night and literally woke up with you have to write a blog post about "Life is like a box of Crayons" so after lots of other editing etc... I had to do today, here it is night time once again and so we begin with...
Why Life is and can be like a box of crayons...

Have you ever watched a Child with Crayons, truly watched them...  
Ever child is different:
-Some Kids have to keep all of their crayons is a certain order...
-Other kids pour them out all over the floor or table...
-Other kids pour them out and then make different piles
to Categorize the colors...
-Some kids even go so far as to sort the crayons and actually
Choose all of the colors they like and throw the rest out.
-Some kids request a plastic bin to keep all of their crayons
in so they dig in and grab the ones they want.
-Some have to keep the crayons in the box at all times, and just
pull one out one crayon at a time, use it and then put it back in...
-Some kids will color using every single color...
-Some kids will only color with one color...
-Some color in the lines...
-Some color outside the lines...

How does this apply to Life ?
How doesn't it apply to Life, would be my question ?

How we approach Anything - A relationship, a business project 
is unique to how we Process...
Are we Left brained or Right brained ?
Are we Auditory, Visual, Kinesthetic, Audio Digital etc....

Now... Imagine if we STRETCHED Ourselves and made ourselves Choose or Do something differently...
-Practice writing with our other hand...
-Choose to get a bit more organized - linear...
-Choose to not only read that book, however next time, to also listen to the book via Audio.
-We as a culture do NOT use a large portion of our brains...
-As we have gotten older we have become FIXED on our points of view.

Studies have shown that if we STRETCH ourselves we engage and or train, wire if you will different pathways in our brains, therefore gaining access to further creativity and problem solving etc...

I invite everyone to get creative and messy...  To Literally Learn, Play and Grow like when we were a kid... Get Silly, Laugh, Sing, Dance... and YES COLOR...

My invitation or challenge to you would be to do this ONCE as soon as possible by yourself... Then do this Once a week with your kids, friends or Team...

Now I want you to think about after you did this by yourself-
***How did it feel doing that ?
***Where you attempting to clean up the entire time ?
***Did you go to the place of Judgement - and say this is silly
I am not doing this ?
Pain Attention to what came up for you...

My Favorite has been to hold a weekly Meeting - That day is dress casual day and you have a meeting that is with Crayons, Paints, Markers, Silly Scissors, Blackboards etc.. and each week the team picks a project to do it on... I have personally seen some amazing, awesome, brilliant ideas, campaigns, problems solved in some of these Colorful brainstorming mastermind meetings - sessions...

It is amazing what an amazing positive impact this can have.  I have led many of these at corporate trainings.  Yes, you heard me RIGHT... Corporate Trainings...

Here is some of the results and or impact it has had:
-Greater Creativity
-Group Rapport
-Looking forward to the Weekly meetings
-Outside of the box thinking
-A more Positive Atmosphere

Another Midnight Production
Until Next Time... Enjoy the Journey
Carly Alyssa Thorne

Be A Part of the Ripple Effect

Monday, November 12, 2012

Multi-Sensory Platforms and Presentations Course

This course is for you if you are into: 

***Authenticity, Conscious Business Collaborations, and want to learn how to incorporate elements of the Spiritual yet in a very grounded, and passionate way.  

***Want to take your Speaking to the next level.

***Want to learn how to make your event run like one of the top speakers events.

-Course limited to 24 people per course, in a live, interactive setting.  Course will be filmed, and you will be interviewed.

-Learn Everything from effective Speaking from stage, to running an event that reaches all audiences.  

-Learn how to create a Multi-Sensory, Multi-Media event that keeps your audience, alert, awake, grounded and able to retain and process the information being given.

-Learn how to create a Production that reaches all audiences:
Visual, Auditory, Kinesthetic, and Audio Digital.

You will learn about:

***Time and Organization Management
***How to do a video and radio interview
***Platforms and Presentations
***Psychology of sales
***The Art of Communication, Listening, Feeling, and

***What colors create maximum retention of information
and sales.

***Learn what Music to play, and how Sound affects learning.

***Learn the basics of Feng Shui and how to use it in an event setting and on stage.

***Learn the basics of Energy, Chi, Prana- what it is
and how to use and apply it.

***Learn why and how to use alive- Nature:
Flowers and Trees and where to place them.

***Learn the proper placements of Jumbo screens,

***Learn where to place the water stations

***Learn why it is important to supply the food and snacks for your participants, staff, crew, speakers and what food to supply-
Alive, whole, non processed foods to keep the audience, crew, speakers everyone's energy at a nice even level all day.

***Learn how to run a fun, fast, networking Registration

***Learn what color markers to use and how to write effectively on Expo Boards on stage.

Carly has for the past 25 years massively studied, trained, and applied Eastern and Western Philosophies, Psychology, NLP, Hypno, Feng Shui, Color therapy, Multi-Sensory, Multi-Media, Platforms and Presentations, Stage presence, Acting and Energy Modalities.  She has also had first hands experience in front and behind the camera since 6th grade: acting, singing, dancing, coordinating, producing, and directing, it has always been a part of her live in some shape or form.
All of this skill and talent has been passed on to her TEAM...  All of this goes into Your PRODUCTION...

For Carly's Credentials, Experience and IMBD 


Please leave a detailed message with:
Why you are calling, Your Name, Phone number- Please repeat # Twice...

If you are calling:
Speak Slowly and Clearly as all calls are transcribed.  Someone will get back to you within 48 hrs.

Phone: 406-646-6477 

Thursday, August 30, 2012


The Amazing Raspin Stuwart... 
with Bo Astrup on Bass, and Chris Volak on Acoustic guitar
Rocked the house last night at:

The Coffee Gallery Backstage
Fun night with lots of amazing friends.

Raspin truly engages the audience with Witty remarks and fun banter and when in song completely in his own element and character as he goes into this space of Raspin Land... A beautiful blend of a bit of blues and rock and Raspin's raspy vocals that he hits just in the right places. Great songs with awesome lyrics a term I like to use called "Music with a Voice, Your Lyrics Impact the World" and I can honestly say all of his lyrics do that, every word means something.

Here is clip from my Iphone until we get the footage from the full night's venue. Enjoy

Bo Astrup

Chris Volak

You can view more of Raspin on our
Artistry in Motion Channel